News July 2016


Leadership Team at JDMSS


Headmaster – Robert Kei

Deputy Head – Ochava Sebit

Acting School Officer – Kenyi Chaplain – Head of Science Department.

Acting Assistant School Officer – Charity Korir – Head of languages




Full time teachers – 17

Part time teachers – 13


Support Staff


1 Secretary, 1 Finance Officer, 1 Matron, 1 Site Manager

2 Watchmen, 2 Policemen, Cleaners and Cooks

2 Ex-students have been appointed to fill 2 roles – Receptionist at the new entrance (a boy) and Lab Technician, (a girl).




Total 749 in 13 classes as follows:


Senior 1 = 255 (4 classes)

Senior 2 = 247 (4 classes)

Senior 3 = 144 (classes – 2 science = 79 students, 1 Arts = 62 students)

Senior 4 – 103 (2 classes – science 62 students, Arts – 40 students.)


The 2015 South Sudan Certificate of Education exams were delayed from December 2015 until April 2016. The results have not yet been published.


The students gender split is 50/50, though Year 4 has more girls than boys.


Girl’s Boarding House – 28 girls in residence. 3 girls from Western Equatoria have bursaries for their boarding fees.


Bursaries – 108 students are in receipt of bursaries – i.e. two thirds of their school fees.


Parent Teacher’s Association, (PTA). There is an active PTA under the chairmanship of Rev.Simon Peter. The PTA has raised funds for the reception building at the new main gate and towards a new vehicle for the School.




To increase security a perimeter wall, topped with razor wire, is required to replace the present wire fence.




In 2015 a new main entrance, main gate and reception was built. In 2016 a four-classroom, two-storey block has been built, paid for by ‘Christian Aid’. One room in the Block will be a Computer Room.


An Admin Block and an extension to the Science Lab are now required. 


‘Teach First’.


There are currently no facilities in South Sudan for the training of secondary school teachers. In conjunction with Juba University a ‘Teach First’ course, with 6 student teachers, will be held at JDMSS, starting in September 2016.


Information and Computer Technology (ICT) Course


An ICT course will be introduced in 2017 for Year 4 students. Four JDMSS teachers have already been trained in ICT to provide the instruction. Thirty laptop computers are being installed in the new Computer Room.


Support Group in Salisbury.


On 20 June 2016, Cdr.Richard Dean stood down from being Chairman of the Support Group after 10 years. He is replaced by Col.Charlie Thackway. Canon Richard Askew and Margaret have also stood down. Margaret has been replaced as Bursary Secretary by David and Myra Black. There will be a Thanksgiving Service on 13 October 2016 to mark the 10th anniversary of the laying of the JDMSS foundation stone. This will be held at St.Francis Church, Salisbury from 7.00 pm. The Headmaster of JDMSS, and his wife, expect to be in England at that time and will attend this service.


The Institute of Physics, London, and the JDMSS Support Group continues to support the training of secondary school science teachers in South Sudan.


Courses were held in 2011, 2012 and 2013. About 35 science teachers were trained on each course, drawn from 8 of the 10 states across South Sudan. They were supplied with practical science equipment to take back to their schools.  There are very few ladies qualified as teachers in South Sudan and hence a lack of role models for girls. The need for girls education is paramount, hence the emphasis on this at Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School, with a policy of 50% girls and the opening of a Girls Boarding House.