A School Comes of Age in the Midst of Conflict

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After almost half a century of bloody civil war, peace came to South Sudan in 2005, and the Country became independent in 2011. Hopes were high and progress was made, but in December 2013 peace was shattered, and, ever since, much of the Country has suffered the tragedy of inter-tribal conflict.


Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School was opened in 2007 with an initial intake of 80 students.  Today there are 888 students, on the school roll, 50% of whom are girls. 798 applied for 240 places in Senior 1 because the school is now recognised as being exceptional.The School provides equal opportunities for girls, and the recent School Certificate results show boys and girls are gaining equal achievement. All the students who took the 2017 School Certificate passed, with JDMSS coming out top of the English–speaking secondary schools in South Sudan

School assembly